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Kosingas – The Order of the Dragon – Aleksandar Tešić

760.00 рсд

„On the eve of the great battle of Kosovo, the Order of the Dragon of the Serbian knights finds itself confronted by the fulfillment of the ancient Oracle of Fire, according to which one of their own knights will forever stop the onslaught of hordes of creatures from Hades. While the knights get ready for the final battle, the powers of Hades try to kill the Warrior from the Oracle, and an invisible, silent war is fought between the old Slavic faith and Christianity.“

ISBN: 978-86-7818-121-4 Категорије: , Product ID: 7146
Број страна: 440 Писмо: Латиница - Енглески језик Повез: Брош Формат: A5 Година издавања: 2009


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